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Traffic question (RTI)

The West Bengal police should be asked the following:

1. In any year (say 2008, or April 2007- March 2008 if that is more convenient) how many vehicles were booked by the police for `traffic violations’?

2. How many of these were booked for not carrying appropriate papers?

3. How many were booked for driving dangerously, including for not stopping at a red light, and how many were for causing actual damage to persons and property?

4. How many of (2) were found to have valid papers which they were not carrying at the time?

5. How many, in all, were finally given some kind of punishment?

My guesses are (1) not a whole lot, maybe a few thousand, (2) majority, (3) small fraction and tiny fraction, (4) about half, (5) a small fraction.

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