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Ramdev and Hinduism

When the Delhi High Court struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and said that homosexuality could not be classified as a crime, Ramdev, a class-eight pass Yoga teacher who projects himself as a Yogi, an ascetic of the ancient mould, was irked no end. He has vowed to move the Supreme Court against this judgment, claiming that homosexuality is banned in Hinduism.

Well, I haven’t seen explicit proscriptions against homosexuals anywhere in the Mahabharat. Maybe I need to look harder. But there is something else I have seen there. Hinduism says that any man who does not have a son consigns himself and all his paternal ancestors to the fires of a Hell called Put. Which is what Ramdev has done.

All the yogis of ancient India had sons, at least according to the Mahabharat. Ramdev should have one before he issues edicts. Adoption does not count.

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