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No more Shani temples

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Or Hanuman temples, or a mazar of a Pir, for that matter, in the middle of the street, on the footpath, under a tree at the street corner. In a strongly worded judgment, the Supreme Court has banned unauthorised construction of religious buildings on public land. It has also asked the Union and State governments to decide on the fate of existing places of worship on public land on a `case by case basis’.

I am absolutely delighted by this judgment, and hope that all of the existing temples and mosques (mostly temples) on the sidewalks and in the middle of streets will be removed. At least the ones that were built on top of existing roads. All of these are nothing but small businesses run by the priests or whoever tend to them, usually getting a tidy sum in collections at the end of the day.

I wonder what will be done to temples and mosques built in colonies of squatters, i.e. on land forcibly occupied by landless people.


ICM 2010

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

via Peter Woit at Not Even Wrong

The International Congress of Mathematics, held every four years, is scheduled to be held in Hyderabad in 2010.

Stories abound on the greatness of mathematicians of ancient India (zero, decimal system, quadratic equations, …) and of Ramanujan, but there has been a shortage of good mathematicians in India in recent years. Probabilists and statisticians, yes, but very few in other fields.

Personally, I hope this ICMR charges up some younger mathematicians to attack difficult problems, to be more productive, to be eager to train another generation to grow up into being good mathematicians.

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