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Dark glasses = criminals

In the aftermath of the Chandrima Gupta robbery, Kolkata Police took out quarter-page adverts in all Calcutta newspapers yesterday, saying that since criminals use cars with dark windows, anyone found in a car with dark windows is an OFFENDER (their boldface). And true to that tone, they booked over 100 cars on Friday for that offence.

I find this utterly ridiculous and an attack on individual privacy. If they have no particular reason to think that a particular car is being used by a criminal, what right do they have to look inside? Especially since the windshield is always transparent and limousines are rare to the point of being non-existent. And irrespective of that, it is my car, and I should be able to decide if I want anyone else to peep in. If the police want to see who is inside, they better have a good reason to do so, specific to my car, and not a general one.

Unfortunately, like violence, the state also holds a monopoly on harassment.

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