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Exodus of scientists from Bengal

Today’s Hindustan Times has a story saying that political interference from the Left Front government has ruined scientific research in the state, and is driving PhD students to other states. In support of their claim they include interviews with Sushanta Dattagupta, the director of the local IISER and Milan Sanyal, director of SINP. (The internet edition is less specific in blaming the Left Front.)

Dattagupta says that since all Vice-Chancellors and similar appointments are decided by the Left Front, the atmosphere of research is destroyed. Sanyal says that political interference drives students to other states.

It is true that there is a lot of political interference by the LF government (actually, only the CPI-M) in all appointments in education. But the research institutes are almost completely free of that. So why don’ t the students want to do research in those institutes?

The colleges and universities in Bengal suffer greatly from political interference. But the institutes here suffer their senior faculty and directors. To anyone who knows these people, it is no surprise that any student with an iota of sense would not want to do a PhD at these places.

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