Salaries of MPs

For my previous post, I tried to look up the annual expenditure for the parliament and its members. Several sites show up in a search, many showing a figure of Rs. 855 cr (8.55 billion) for the salaries and concessions for the 534 members of the Lok Sabha. No source for this figure is given anywhere, but the parliament website lists the salaries and concessions.These figures were valid for 2001-2006. The site does not say if they have been amended.

So I find:

Monthly salary: Rs. 12000/- p.m.

Daily allowance: Rs. 500/- per day on duty (Lok Sabha/committee in session)

Constituency allowance: Rs. 10000/- p.m.

Office expenses: Rs. 14000/- p.m. (including Rs. 10000/- paid directly to people employed for secretarial work)

Travel: 32 air journeys/yr for the member and spouse or any number of companions or relatives! And these air travels, if unused, may be carried over to the next year. Plus rail fares and other fares.

Accommodation: Hostel is provided.

Electricity: 50000 units p.a.

Furniture washing allowance: Rs. 30000/- every three months.

Telephone: No charge for rental and installation plus 50000 calls p.a.Plus 20000 free calls p.a. for those with constituencies more than 1000 km away from New Delhi.

And lots of benefits for retired parliamentarians as well.

So the figures given on those pages are not totally without basis.

However, although these figures look huge when added up, I don’t find them really over the top. An MP does need to make a lot of phone calls to the home constituency and to other members of the same party or to other MPs. Most of these calls would be made by the personal assistant of the MP, in relation to what the MP is actually expected to do.

The MP will generally have a lot of visitors as well — furniture does get dirty when you have people using them all the time.

Electricity usage seems to be a little on the high side. A significant part of that is due to the air-conditioning. And I find it difficult to grudge the MPs their use of air-conditioning — anybody in a position of making decisions should be allowed to keep their cool, in my opinion.

32 air journeys are somewhat high, but not totally unexpected for those with constituencies away from the capital. But `any number of companions’ seems way over the top.

These figures do not include the hundreds (thousands?) of employees of the parliament and their expenses.

I would be very interested to know the total annual expenditure for salaries and allowances of everyone in the parliament, Lok sabha and Rajya sabha taken together. And the expenditure per day of session. Not that it would shame any of these MPs and stop them from creating a furore over trivialities.

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