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New way of doing physics

There is a new way of doing physics. It involves doing no calculations and making no predictions. At least not in the way of what generations of physicists have been taught as calculations or predictions. It involves intermixing various phrases from physics and philosophy of science, and reaching the inevitable conclusion that while numerous predictions can be made in principle, not one specific prediction can be made at this time.

To be fair, this is not an entirely new phenomenon, the `foundations of quantum mechanics’ people have been writing such papers every now and then. On the other hand, string theory and supersymmetry have been making predictions from the very beginning, but not one of the specific predictions has been observed, leading to the observable scale of these predictions being pushed to higher and higher energies. Now with the LHC producing voluminous data showing that there is nothing at low energies except the Standard Model (and maybe not even that, if the Higgs fails to show up), more and more people form the `currently unobservable predictions’ camp are moving into the `unspecific predictions’ camp.

The latest paper of this sorry genre is discussed here and here.

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