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Parliament on Tharoor

April 17, 2010 1 comment

The parliament is in turmoil. The opposition is up in arms against Shashi Tharoor for his involvement in the circus called IPL.The Lok Sabha was adjourned twice yesterday over this issue, and finally Tharoor made a statement claiming that he had done no wrong.

It would appear that the democratically elected members of this body, with huge maintenance bills, have nothing serious to discuss, and would rather stop working, and stop their colleagues from working, on frivolous grounds.


Secrets of democracy

January 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Learned from Shamnad Basheer’s post that the new bill on copyrights will be kept secret from the public until it is tabled in the Parliament.

In other news, external affairs minister S.M.Krishna publicly rebuked minister of state Shashi Tharoor for expressing his reservations on twitter about new visa regulations. Krishna also said, “Well, these issues are not to be discussed in public … If there are any perceptions, they should be sorted out within the four walls of the two ministries.”

Both stories bring out the attitude typical of our democracy — don’t let the riffraff know what the rulers are thinking. The press has let go of both stories without further comment, which is a commentary on the press itself.