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The CWG billions

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Although I normally tend to disagree with almost anything said by Nitin Gadkari, I cannot help but agree with what he has said now. I don’t mean the thing about having `proof’ that all are indeed culpable, but the question that must have been on everyone’s mind since the announcement that the `Group of Ministers’ was going to discuss corruption in organising the commonwealth games. Kalmadi had a budget of only Rs.1600 crores (16 billion), while the total expenditure for the games, including all the construction work, was supposedly Rs.70,000 cr (700 billion). So why not probe where the rest of the money went? Why focus on only a tiny fraction? Anyone except those with unreasonable trust in the Congress party would wonder.

I also agree with Gadkari that the money siphoned out of these 700 billion went out by the Mauritius and similar routes. But I don’t agree that it is lying in Swiss banks. I expect it saw its way back to India as `Foreign Institutional Investor’ (FII) money, which flooded the stock market over last month. The figure for that is already $10 billion, i.e. about Rs.450 billion, which sounds like it could be the amount stolen from the CWG organisation kitty by the corrupt politicians and industrialists.

Corruption at this scale will probably never be fully exposed, since anyone who wants to probe this can be silenced, either by a gift of a few crores, or simply `silenced’.


All are culpable

September 27, 2010 1 comment

Shobhaa De writes in a piece in the Asian Age what everyone must be thinking. India has been shamed by the corruption, the daylight robbery, in the Commonwealth Games. And the only way to make up is to quickly identify the guilty, and punish them. While she says that Kalmadi was not working alone and `everybody knows who the looters are’, she does not hint who they may be. And she absolves both Manmohan Singh and Sheila Dixit of culpability, saying only that they should have known what was  going on.

I think there should be a investigation as quickly as possible, as that is the only way to absolve Mr. Singh and Ms. Dixit of suspicion of graft. And arresting the CEOs and owners of all the companies which produced substandard buildings, bridges, and furniture should bring out the path taken by the stolen money.